January 15, 2009

Foolery, aka Your Daily Dose of Laughter

Why is it that toddlers think it is HILARIOUS when adults make absolute fools of themselves? I could entertain Sassy all day long by making silly faces, creating crazy sounds, and dancing like...well, me. She will just laugh and laugh and laugh... I can really get her going if she's in the right mood.

Then, it's like the odds are against you when you have small kids. There are boundless opportunities to make yourself look stupid- at play dates, at parties, while trying to unload your grocery cart and get your kids in the car at the same time as the rain is pouring down... I could go on forever.

Now, I'm all for having a little fun and being silly now and then. The trick is to not let anyone, especially your husband, capture photographic evidence to substantiate these claims. We were at the local science center recently, and they had a great exhibit on Jane Goodall's work with the primates. It had a lot of interactive exhibits to explore- a chimp nest (yes, apparently they build nests) that Sassy could crawl up into, various machines that made primate sounds, videos to watch, and so on.
One of the *clever* things they had was an apparatus similar to a crutch that forced your posture to mimic that of a Great Ape so that you could experience their gait firsthand. We put the crutches on Sassy, and she looked so cute trying to walk with them.

Then, Sassy wanted Mommy to do it... so, I did. And, Tyler took a picture. So now, I share with you the very reason you cannot let this happen. If you suspect you are in danger of future ridicule and mockery, tackle the one with the camera. Do it. You will thank yourself later!

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Kendra said...

Girl you are FUNNY!!!!