April 12, 2010

The Paper Chain...

Sassy will not be turning FOUR in 19 days.

She is not excited about this upcoming birthday. Not in the least.

She does not ask me about her birthday 1,512 times a day.

She has not started making a list (her own list) of friends who will be attending her birthday party.

She hasn't felt the need to go over exactly what she would like to bring to preschool for a birthday treat... on more than one nine occasions.

She didn't drive me so insane one day by asking how many days it was until her birthday that I immediately dropped whatever I was doing to head to the basement, dig out some scrapbook supplies, and help her construct a paper chain in hopes that she would never ask me again. Ever. Nope.

Since then, it has not become the highlight of Sassy's very existence in this world to tear those little strips apart, one by one.

And then count the remaining rings, skipping the number 13, as usual...

Oh, and she is not awfully cute in spite of all this crazy obsession over the birthday.

And I'm truly not about to have a nervous breakdown that my baby will be 4 in n-i-n-e-t-e-e-n days. Not me!

What crazy things has your child not been doing? Yourself? Hop on over to MckMama's carnival to find out!

3 sweet tweets:

Aislinn said...

I love the bow in your daughters hair, makes me wish I had a girl instead of three boys!! Dropped by courtesy of "not me" Monday!!

Sherry said...

Great idea with the paper chain, I'll have to remember that one!!!

Anonymous said...

My almost-four-year-old has NOT been INSISTING on dressing himself. I do NOT hate this like a hang over. I mean, why would I? Why would I care that he wants to wear dirty clothes that are too small for him when I buy him tons of super cute stuff all the time? WHY?