October 8, 2008

Ode to the Snoogle

Sassy and Little A wrapped in in the Snoogle How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

My relationship with my Snoogle started on a cold, wintry New Years Eve night in Minnesota in 2005. Tyler and I were in Mankato visiting his parents, having driven there straight from our Chicago Christmas trip to see my family. I was about 22 weeks pregnant, and Tyler and I were commiserating about how lame we were sitting at home on New Years Eve while his parents were at a gathering enjoying food and drink and conversation.

So, what else do you do on New Years Eve, of course, but to go out to eat. We drove into town on some very icy roads and landed at the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings. Mmm... wings. Anyway, once we were finished, I begged and begged Tyler to stop off at Target. Surely, that would improve my mood... as Target always does! As any new mommy-to-be, I made a beeline for the baby department- as if we needed to be adding anything else to our little Pontiac for the drive home to Ames. I was perusing the aisles, tossing baby thing after baby thing aimlessly into my cart, and then... I SAW IT!! The most wonderful thing in the world. The object of my heart's most desperate yearning- a pregnancy pillow.

But, this was not your run-of-the-mill wedge pillow, NO. This was a Snoogle! A beautiful, curvy, loopy bundle of greatness. I HAD to have it. Forget that Christmas was just days ago and I had gotten my fair share of gifts. None of the mattered. Tyler eventually conceded, despite the $50+ price tag. I wrapped up my Target trip and skipped to the car, eager to return to Ty's parents house and unfurl my new treasure.

Oh, what a glorious night of sleep that was, my first night with my Snoogle. It was so soft and cozy and bendy. I could wrap it around me in a variety of ways, and I hadn't had a better night sleep for many a month. Throughout the rest of my pregnancy, the Snoogle and I were never far apart. Tyler coveted more bed space, because at the time, we were sharing a full sized bed. None of that mattered to me, though- as long as I had my Snoogle.

Of course, the Snoogle made the trip with us to the hospital for the arrival if Miss Sassy. It proved to be a wise decision, as it offered support after my c-section and definitely proved to be the BEST breastfeeding pillow available. Step aside, Boppy. I mean, really. The Snoogle gave me back support whilst providing a resting place for Sassy's body against mine- what more could you ask for?

Not only did I use my Snoogle religiously as a breastfeeding pillow, but it became one of Sassy's very favorite resting places (supervised, of course)!! I just made my Snoogle into a little snail and plopped her right in the middle- it tricked her into thinking she was still being cradled, and for a baby who refused to be set down, this was invaluable.

Now, after I was done with my pregnancy, Tyler of course assumed that the Snoogle would find a resting place other then our bed... but NO. How could I give up such a thing?? Yes, that Snoogle has remained with me every single night since, much to Tyler's chagrin. All the way through my second pregnancy it stayed. I even entertained the thought of buying a new one, as mine is all lumpy in certain places, I have ripped through 2 pillowcases (side note- the pillow cases NEED a zipper), but I just stayed with old tried and true. Now, Little A enjoys the Snoogle just as Sassy did. I expect the Snoogle will remain a part of our family for some time.

Thanks, Snoogle!

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