October 15, 2010

Fairy Days and Gypsy Knights...

aka Another Trip to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival...

aka The Last of the Pics from our Topeka/KC weekend... promise.

Sunday morning, Lynzee's crew and our crew drove from Lawrence to meet Cammie, Ragan, and their girls at the Ren Fest. The morning started out questionably, as Lynzee had remembered her girls wings from last year and I had not. This equated two tearful little ones in our car... and it took a minute {or 47} to get past it. But, we finally did.

The girls began by watching the royals sing in a circle. They looked so darn cute from behind!

Next, we hit the Enchanted Realm, which is an area specifically designed for the kiddos. They played on playground equipment, participated in a parade, made dreamcatchers and wands... you name it.

Sassy was a bit apprehensive about entering the wand testing area with the wizard, but she did it. Her wand worked like a charm!

Everywhere I go, I manage to find a dog that I fall in love with. Last year at the Ren Fest, it was these. This year it was him:

The four of us rode a giant ship/swing, which the girls loved and which made Mom lose her appetite for a few hours. We made a quick pit stop for snacks and the potty. We caught the entire parade... one of my favorite parts. It's so neat to see all the costumes!

Next, we hit up the face painting area. Tink went first, and she was more than a bit apprehensive {which comes as no surprise... they get pretty close}...

I'm pretty sure she was pleased with the end results, though...

Sassy sat up there like an old pro. I'm pretty sure this is the same woman that painted her face last year!

Her peacock turned out adorable! I'm so proud that my girl has an affinity for peacocks and birds. ♥

Needless to say, we had two pleased-as-punch little girls...

Sassy and Daddy took a look at the map to figure out which direction we needed to head in order to make it to the fairy maypole dance.

Then, it happened. What Sassy has waited for all year since the last time we visited. A real life encounter with a real life fairy. She engaged in immediate conversation, providing her name and age. The fairy gifted each of the girls a set of magic fairy jingles, which was quite honestly more special than anything money could buy at the entire festival. One of the many reasons I love this place!

Then, we came upon the dreaded shop. The wing shop. But, a promise is a promise, so both of our girls chose a new set of wings. Sassy even found some peacock-looking wings. I must admit, they are the cutest.things.EVER!

Thanks, Daddy!!!!!

Tink was so happy to have those wings on!

Finally, we made it towards the front to wait for the fairies...

The girls danced up on "stage" with them... Tink really got into it.

They danced in a circle...

Then, each fairy took a little girl to dance around the maypole. Tink had a male fairy, and it was hi-larious to watch them. She was, er, altering the path of the dance, and he was at a loss for what to do. SO funny!

Then, the girls cleared the stage, and each fairy performed a solo dance. Tink ran back up there during the middle of the performance, so the fairy picked her up and went with it. ♥

All of the fairies looked awesome!

{I swear, I swear... I am not really into this fantasy stuff regularly. But, it really is fun to jump into that world once a year. Really.}

At the end, this is what we were left with...

Two very happy little girls. And, a peaceful ride home!

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