October 25, 2010


Grand. Outstanding. Shining. Exceptional. Magnificent. Celebrated. Great.

OK, OK... Are you understanding the awesomeness?

Well, that's my Sassy girl.

Thursday evening, we had her 1st quarter parent-teacher conference. Sassy got a rave review from Mrs. B. On her actual report card, she scored all M's (Mastered) besides one C (Shows Consistency) in "cuts on a curved line"... {gotta love preschool standards and expectations}...

Sassy did great on her Letter Recognition Screening. She was able to ID all 26 letters, create the correct sounds for 19, and correctly list words that began with each letter on 9. Pretty good for four. She received high accolades in this department.

What was even more pleasantly surprising was the result of her Phonemic Awareness Screening. They looked at rhyming, discrimination of rhyming words, segmenting sentences into words, segmenting words into syllables, and segmenting words into sounds. I was really impressed with how well she scored. So were her teachers. She's got a ways to go until mastery and total kindergarten readiness in reading, but she is off to a really, really strong start in this first 9 weeks.

I hate to admit it {as I would never intentionally underestimate her skills}, but she is ready for things far beyond what I thought she was ready for. This is just one of the great things about her preschool program... now I know new ways to challenge her. I've been given ideas on how to improve her building skills at home. Invaluable information, if you ask me...

Equally as important- Sassy is nice to other kids. She is a good friend. She helps others. She is considerate. She cleans up after herself. She follows direction well.

Love. LOVE. ♥♥♥♥♥

I never realized how proud I would feel until I did.

Needless to say, we wanted to celebrate accordingly.

Despite the fact that I worked book fair that evening, we all {including my parents} drove to Braum's for an ice cream celebration.

Tink was super proud of her sister super enjoyed her ice cream.

All the players were present. {Dad was there, too. Promise}.

Nana & Graycop presented Sassy with the newest Monster High doll, Ghoulia Yelps.

Mom and Dad gave Sassy two new charms for her charm bracelet- a sheep and a pink diamond ring {for being a nice friend and shining so bright}!

Sassy felt pretty special, and we are SO proud of her!!

Here's to many more stellar achievements...

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rduxler said...

Awesome. I'm sure you may have blogged about this somewhere, but where do you get the charm bracelet and charms? I'm looking for some more incentive ideas for A and I love, love, love the idea of a charm bracelet.

Kendra said...

Way to go Sassy!!!!!

Alyssa said...

Good for Sassy! That is really good, what a smart girl! Charms are a good prize for a good report. I haven't bought any charms for Sis' bracelet in awhile so I think I'll head over there. (in anticipation of her conference on Friday)