October 1, 2010

Stream of Consciousness...

aka Heather's incessant ramblings...

What a week it's been! I'm seriously ready to sign off, place this one in the archives, and start anew.

Although this is being posted Friday, it's being written Thursday night. Know what that means? It means that instead of folding laundry, bathing children, packing bags, cleaning out the car, and crossing every last little detail off of my list, I am sitting at my computer procrastinating typing this post. How fitting.

Where are we going, you ask? We are headed to Topeka for the annual Parent Leadership Conference! One of the biggest parts of my job is helping my families become the best advocates for their children, whether they be typically developing or not. This conference offers awesome tips and empowerment strategies on just how to do that. I'm pretty excited.

While we're in Topeka, we hope to visit Cedar Crest and Gage Park again. We might also check out Pome on the Range and we are most definitely planning on the Ren Fest Sunday. Great plans, great peeps... did I mention I am excited?

Oh, and get this... the high on Sunday is supposed to be 61. The HIGH. Praise the Lord!

Sassy has been pestering me for weeks to post this picture on my blog- she wants all to see and know and love her Monster High collection. Just for you, Miss Sassy pants:

THIS JUST IN: moments ago, I was called upstairs by a very excited Sassy. After months and months of trying, Tink peed AND pooped on the potty for the first time!!!! Like, seriously... she has been sitting on the big potty daily for months before bath and bed. We always give her a "good try!" Tonight, Ty pulled the small Baby Bjorn potty out from the garage and she sat on it and went. WOOT WOOT!

I've spent a considerable amount of time this week scanning photo after photo after photo from high school. My 10-year reunion is this weekend. Although we won't be able to make it back to G-Town, I had to help my fellow classmates out with the slide show. Imagine that- i was a picture freak even back then. I did come across this one- forgive me if I've shared before, but it makes me chuckle every time. Who would've thunk...

Although I consider myself an intelligent girl, it amazes me how caught up I get in store schemes. Ala Gymbucks- it took all of my strength and then some to avoid spending every red cent of those Gymbucks I so diligently earned today... you know, on clothes my kids DON'T NEED. My solution- pass them on to Lynzee. HA! Also, I have a little bone to pick with the Gap. Back in August, they handed me this devilish little booklet with 4 40% off any item coupons that were good for each Wednesday in September. WEDNESDAY of all days- the day the girls go to MDO and I usually run errands. So, this Wednesday, as I was redeeming my third coupon of the month (Alas, I skipped a week!), guess what I received... an OCTOBER coupon booklet. Curses. Restraint, Heather. RESTRAINT.

Halloween. It's coming up quick. Both girls have a solid costume (nope, not telling yet) and we only need to fill in a few last details. I'm not sure what I will dress up as yet. Hmm...

Tyler, on the other hand. Why, I think this is worth ever last penny, don't you:

I mean, it has the potential to provide years and years of mocking platform and sheer entertainment for me.

I need new boots this winter. I really want a pair of the Ugg Cardy's. Do they even prevent the least bit of weather protection??

It really sucks when feelings get hurt. Yours, mine, ours. Sucks.

Have I ever mentioned that I ♥ Orange Leaf?

Wow, I think my stream of consciousness posts get more and more random every time. Sweet!

With that, I'll bid farewell. Have a fab weekend, one and all!

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

We need a build your own fro yo here. Who am I kidding, I live in SUCH a BIG city, there is probably 50 of them! I should look.

I love that pic of you and Tyler! Your girls are going to love seeing that when they are that age =).

Have fun this weekend!

And way to go little A!!

miranda said...

thats gotta be one of my most fav pics of you guys from back in the day. although tyler looks like maybe 12 yrs old in that pic. lol...i love it.