October 28, 2010

Oh, The Force...

Since I know you are all dying to know how our photo shoot went last night...

...Well, it was... interesting.


I should have known that recovering from a double ear infection combined with a full day of MDO {with Halloween party} was a recipe for disaster.

Jenna was wonderful, though, and I am confident that there are some fabulous ones in the mix.

Sassy looked adorable.

So did Tink.

So did Ty {purple sweater and all...}

As for me... well, this pretty much sums up how I was feeling:

I will most definitely share our photos when they are done!

Now back to our regular scheduled programming...

3 sweet tweets:

rduxler said...

I almost texted you last night to find out how things went, and then thought, 'Now may not be the time...' ;) We're getting our done for the first time as a family of five next Sunday and I'm not holding my breath. ONE nice photo would be nice, and if we get more than that then I'll be thrilled!

Sherry said...

Who needs professional prints when YOU take awsome ones? I guess you need to be in front of rather than behind the camera, huh? I'm sure they will turn out great! ;)

Alisan said...

We have never done family portraits (except for maternity photos) so you are much braver than I am! I'm hoping to get portraits done when Justin returns. It's getting Hania to keep her eyes on the camera that's the chore! I bet your's turned out great though! Sassy looks so cute and grown up in her picture!