October 17, 2010

Walking on Sunshine...

Updated to include:
I thought I would throw in an addendum and introduce you all to one of the many blogs I just ♥ to pieces {if you live under a blog-rock and haven't already discovered it}... Kelle Hampton @ Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle is a rock star photographer who gave birth to her second daughter, Nella, this past January and learned at her birth that she has Down Syndrome. You can read her birth story here... get the tissues handy.

Kelle's blog offers an amazing inspirational account on embracing her daughter's differences and processing her thoughts and emotions... all intertwined with that a-mazing photography. She just posted about their first Buddy Walk experience, so I thought it fitting to link you all. She's a must read!

Original post:
On October 9th, Sassy, Tink, Tyler, and I participated in the Wichita Buddy Walk, a one-mile walk and family fun event to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness and to raise money for the National Down Syndrome Society.

It's the second year we've been invited to participate, and we felt so lucky to be able to attend for the first time this year! We walked for Keaton's Krew, a team created by a fellow preschool family and former PAT'ers of mine. ♥

It was a GORGEOUS morning! The attendance was fabulous, and steadily climbing each and every year. The walk itself is free, and each team can fund raise as they choose. They also have wonderful raffles, with tickets whose price cannot be argued with, in support of NDSS. Applebee's was also a local sponsor, so lunch was on them! Who hoo!!

Here are some pics from our day:

Throughout the walk, area children are recognized with a sign, in order by age. It's tradition to stop and take a group picture by your sign... so, we did.

This is the first walk we've completed without a stroller. By and large, it was successful. Tyler did end up carrying the girls for a bit. The finish was very cool- the girls loved going under the balloon arch.

As usual, I found a dog I wanted to take home. I ♥ big dogs!!

Sassy and her preschool buddy, K:

Tink had the time of her life drinking out of a pop can. Pop for the kids = a very rare occasion. Can you tell?

A few more from lunch- doesn't the one in the middle just make you laugh? Jeez... if looks could kill. Caption- STAY AWAY FROM MY LAYS!!

We can't wait until Buddy Walk: 2011!!

2 sweet tweets:

Sarah said...

How great! One of Bubs new friends from school whom he mentions frequently has downs syndrome. I know Bubs would love to join him for this walk-we'll have to ask if his family has a team next year!

Sherry said...

Sure looks like a great time, and for a good cause! :)