October 28, 2010


I have too, too much to do in the next few days!

Parties, events, costumes, work, paperwork, CLEANING our house, meal planning, cooking, laundry... {I could go on and on}

I know the logical thing to do would be to make a list and start completing tasks, one by one.

I can never bring myself to do this.

When I have so much on my plate, I just want to retreat... to go lay in bed under the covers and do nothing.

How do you all manage your never-ending to-do lists without losing your mind??

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Anonymous said...

getting started, no thinking

miranda said...


Kendra said...

I usually make a list, and throughout it I put things that I have already completed. I know this sounds (and is) ridiculous, but it makes me feel somewhat accomplished already, and then helps me feel like I CAN do the rest.

Also, I cry, drink wine, drink coffee, complain to my husband and the blogworld that there is TOO MUCH to do, cry some more, sit and watch TV but don't enjoy it because I can't relax because there is TOO MUCH to do, drink more coffee, try and ignore my to do list and do something fun but can't enjoy it, get distracted while trying to cross one thing off and end up starting another, and complain.

True story.

Heather said...

Anonymous- is that you, Tyler??? :P

the barnes family said...

I'm with you. When I have tons to do, I make a list, but then I end up getting on the internet or watching t.v. I'm happy with myself if I get one thing done by the end of the day!