February 22, 2011


914 days we have spent with you.
130 weeks to get to know you in and out.
30 lovely months to soak in the joy you exude each day.
2.5 years old.

oh my.

Here are your 2.5 year stats, Miss Tink:

Weight: 30 lb. 1 oz. (53rd percentile)
Height: 36.25 inches (81st percentile)
Head Circumference: 50 cm (90th percentile)

You are doing very well! You can sing your ABC's and count to 15 all by yourself. You love to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Row, Row Row Your Boat, 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, and Don't Stop Believing. You are working hard on your colors- they have proven to be a bit of a challenge for you. Right now, your favorite color is orange. You love it when Sassy helps you practice your colors.

Your very favorite thing to do right now is play dwess-up and be a pwetty pwincess! You just love the dress-up clothes you got from Auntie Kelli and Uncle Randy for Christmas, and you love very much having your own dress-up things! You love when we put the Ipod on in the front room so that you can twirl and dance in your dress-up clothes to the music!

You are a very polite little girl. You always say please and excuse me, and you are quick to gush with an, "ohfankyoumama" anytime someone gives you something or does something for you. It's the cutest thing ever!

You're biggest aspiration in life right now is to go to dance cwass. Apparently, dance cwass is what all the cool kids are doing. You like it when Mommy lets you wear your tutu to Sassy's dance class, and you watch through the window, sometimes even imitating the steps the other girls do, especially when it's the big girls.

One of your newest rituals is wanting to way in mama's bed before bed time. I think it's because you see Sassy in Mama's bed some of the time, and you don't want to miss out on anything. We lay and cuddle and read books, or if you get your way, sometimes we watch TV for a few minutes. The funniest part is that when you've had enough, you've had enough. You'll tell me all done mama, my cwib. Oh, and you are just about ready for a big girl bed. Mommy can't wait to start decorating your new room!

You are very used to getting water at home, so anytime you get to have a little something else, it's always apple juice. Apple juice is apple juice. Gatorade is apple juice. Sprite is apple juice. So cute!

You have the cutest array of facial expressions. Ever.

You are so full of energy and light. You do not enjoy sitting still for very long. You kind of remind me of Tigger- always bouncing from one place to the next, giggling along the way. What a fun way to be!

Your little cherub cheeks make your profile yummy. So, so yummy!

You are a silly little thing. Recently, you have made up your own language with nicknames for everything. It's as if you're speaking pig latin or something- A-da, Ba-da, Pa-da. They all mean different things. You know the real words for things, but you think this way is way more fun!

Did I mention you have the most scrumptious little feet that I've ever seen?

Here are some of your favorites:

Favorite food: macawoni, cereal, crackers, blueberries, cheese
Favorite drink: apple juice
Favorite book: Any potty book
Favorite princess: Awiel
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite TV Show: Franklin

Speaking of the potty, you are doing awesome with your potty training! You are wearing panties most of the time, and you have had a very small number of accidents. Recently, we've been venturing to the store or small car trips without your diaper, and you've done GREAT! What a big girl you are!

You are a natural beauty- your smile lights up a room and your eyes are something else. You get so, so many compliments on your eyes, sweetie. You are a very pretty little girl.

More importantly, you are a beautiful girl on the inside. You are really starting to care about how other people feel and you want your friends and family to be happy. You are becoming more considerate and polite, and that makes Mom and Dad very proud. We want you to be a good friend and the best little girl you can be!

The world is at your fingertips, Missy. Anything you can dream, you can be. We have a lot of big dreams for you, and you have great potential to do great things if you just try your best!

You can still be our little stink-eye sweetie, because that's what makes you you...

...as long as there are plenty of laughs and smiles in between.

Happy 2 1/2, baby girl. ♥

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