February 25, 2011

Stick with me, it gets good...

Throughout the course of this blog, I've been asked several times to address how I manage to "do it all". I have a very simple, direct answer to that itty bitty query-I don't.

Not even by a long shot. Not.for.one.second. You mustn't believe that- it's simply not true.

I'm flattered, truly, that you would think I have my sh*t together ducks in a row and such, but it makes me a little sad, too. Sad that I must do a swell job of misrepresenting myself here at Sweet Peas & Sassafras. Let me explain...

I've been thinking about blogging a lot lately. I've read several profound posts that delve into blogging, encouragement, and the dreaded Mom-petition (as I've so affectionately coined it) that tends to rear its ugly head amongst us women. What's up with that, anyway? For example, I could completely empathize with what my friend Renee was recently struggling with in her head here, and her subsequent post here.

I'll be the first to admit- I read so many wonderful blogs written by wonderful, smart, talented, beautiful, motivated women. I'm not above the hype- I have my moments of reading a post and thinking I wish I could have time to do that or talent to do that or if only I were as beautiful as her or imagine how awesome my life would be if these girls were my real life friends. Oh, gosh... I feel a little pathetic admitting that. Tell me I'm not alone... quick.

Even though I have those moments (I admit it)- for the most part I am just incredibly proud of what these women have going on. PROUD. Not envious. Not feeling inadequate. INSPIRED.

It does us no good to live in states of envy and self-loathing. Here on this little blog, I've always had intentions of being transparent- I am truly not trying to portray myself as something other than exactly what I am. While I never lie, maybe I omit bits and pieces too often, and maybe that's intentional. There, I said it.

Why do I reside mostly in sunshine & rainbow-land? Not always, but mostly? First of all, I write primarily as a journal to my girls- and, really, who wants to write about all the dark & twisty stuff? I mean, if I were physically scrap booking, I wouldn't include all the bad stuff.

Beyond that, I assume that you all fully realize this and are mindful of the fact that this household and my parenting skills are far from the picture of perfection. I suppose I assume this because I, myself acknowledge that all these wonderful blogs I read- from these super-duper-awesome put-together women- well, they have their moments, too. I know they do. Everyone does.

So, typically, I do not feel the need to explain that the reason I go out so much and do so many things with my girls is simply because the days that we spend at home together, inside, in one little space- these are the days that I have to summon super-master-jedi-willpower to not list my children on craigslist.

It's true- I have very real issues with spending quiet, calm quality time at home with my children. I can actually find myself slumping into real depressive states when I am home for too many days or bored without a plan. It's a fault, ladies.

Let's take a look at my house. Just kidding- let's not. Spring cleaning- HA! I'd need spring, summer, fall, and winter to get this place looking spiffy and worthy of showcasing here. For real.

Lack of SPA posts- well, golly, I'd have to actually, like, cook dinner to do those. Right?!?! Take-out or fast food or restaurant fare scarcely qualifies as quality material for that plan.

Or how about the fact that I desperately need to lose 100 pounds, and for whatever reason, I can't seem to succeed at making this a priority in my life? This makes me sad for my family and angry at myself all at once. How's that for a brutally honest, super selfish, shame-inducing statement? Well, it's true.

Now that I've spent three paragraphs contradicting myself (I really do believe that self-loathing is not a healthy place to dwell), I think we can move on from that. I have issues to work through, too. Maybe it would be cathartic for me to write about them more often. It's definitely something I will consider. Especially because I truly believe in the power of relating to another person's struggles. See here.

So... here's the true inspiration for this post. I was reading this awesome blog post last week, and I just knew I had to share the link and write this post. Then, I saw a couple of other blog friends link to it. It's a good one, girls. Seriously, you all have to jump over and read it. It will make you think. It will make you feel better. I command you, so GO!

And to leave you with something more profound than I have the words to explain, I will share what Heather over at Blessed Little Nest recently shared. Which was originally shared here. {Confused yet?}

"Comparison is the thief of joy"


It SO is, isn't it??

With that in mind, go forth. Be happy. Be YOU! You is good. Real good. ♥

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rduxler said...

And this is why you are one of my most favorite people IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Love it, Heather... very beautifully written. (Man, our book is going to be GOOD when we finally get around to writing it! :P )

Jami Nato said...

thanks for the mad props!

i say, even if you wouldn't write the bad stuff in a scrapbook, even your little ladies will want to know that mom had hard times too, you know?

your little chickens are quite adorable!

Katy said...

I somehow missed this post when you first published it, so glad I stumbled upon it tonight! LOVE the quote at the end, how true!