February 21, 2011

Randomly Random Randoms.

I feel as though I've left my brain in San Francisco. Wait, I haven't been to San Francisco in 13 years. We may be in trouble, friends...

While I attempt to locate the functioning portion of my prefrontal cortex, please enjoy these random ramblings:

1. This weekend is was moving weekend. That's right, my friends... my parents are moving have moved on to greener pastures smaller living quarters. We are all pretty excited. Well, expect for the girls. Especially Sassy. This move is going to be hard on her. They've been her for 16 months, after all. Good thing they are moving a mere 1.96 mils away. I am trying to think of fun, inexpensive things to do with the girls Saturday and Sunday to keep the three of us out of the house and out of the way. Any suggestions? Nevermind.

2. My February book goal is not going well. I really want to read Ape House, I do. I have to admit it, though... I have not started it yet. Bad Heather. I still plan to read it, and I still plan to follow the discussion questions here. I'll just be running behind. My excuse: Netflix. More specifically, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I started watching it on a whim a couple of weeks ago, and I have managed to plow through 39 43 57 episodes (so far). I'm so ashamed. (Can you tell this post has been a work in progress for a while?)

3. Lynzee recently introduced me to the website Skinny Taste for healthy recipes. Best.thing.EVER.

4. Sassy and I have been stalking Walmart & Target for the new Monster High dolls since they were announced. It is getting really old. We discovered a new cardboard Monster High display at Target yesterday (still empty), so we are hoping they will emerge soon. Sassy is pretty much over the moon. If any of you happen to frequent the toy aisles and spot Spectra Vondergeist, Abbey Bominable, or Operetta (likely not coming out in this wave, but just in case), snatch them for us!!! Pu-leeeeze! I will pay you back and then some... promise. And, yes, we are entirely way too knowledgeable about Monster High. It's definitely the newest obsession around here, and it seems to be sticking like super glue...

5. Yesterday, it was 76 degrees outside. This morning, it was 24 degrees outside. Only in Kansas.

6. Friday night, a couple of friends and I braved the Gymboree blowout sale. I may or may not have braved a hundred women rummaging haplessly through disorganized boxes of clothing and then proceeded to stand in line for 90+ minutes to purchase said clothing. What is the matter with me, seriously? Don't answer that.

7. I feel the urgent need to dispel the contents of multiple cans of Lysol all over these living quarters. STAT. Will the sickness never end?

8. I haven't been on a real computer for days. I have 8757 blog posts to catch up on. Sorry if I've been MIA on commenting. ♥ you all!

Well, that about sums up the {entire} contents of my brain at this time. Toodles, peeps. A lovely Monday to you all!

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stephanie said...

that website skinny taste is great! hope everyone starts feeling better soon!