February 2, 2011

Comfort on a Blustery Day...

Wooooeeeeee... it was a cold one yesterday! Below zero temperatures, plunging wind chills, and blowing snow kept us inside all day yesterday. With school out again today, it's going to be all I can do to keep from going insane in the membrane, but, really, we had a nice cozy little day yesterday as we welcomed February and all the awesome it's sure to bring!

Nana & Graycop kept Miss stinker-Tink entertained while Sassy and I slept in until 9:20... score! After breakfast, we lounged around in our pj's, played tea party, and "camped" in the basement. Lunch was full-on comfort foods for the girls... I stuck with my favorite Kashi frozen meal.

Tink was giving out her usual charm...

... a double dose, truly. Sassy, too!

It was blustery! Brr... I accomplished my goal of not stepping foot outside! Please take a moment to remember that is was 72 degrees here FOUR DAYS AGO!!!

Tink was quite the challenge for me this afternoon. She may or may not have taken 2,462 minutes to poop a pebble on the potty before nap, only to poop the rest in her diaper, remove said diaper, manage to keep her sheets and blankets clean while simultaneously keeping her hands and body NOT clean, resulting in an immediate bath hose down and vigorous body scrub, forcing me to repeat the entire pre-nap time procedure again. Phew. I needed a nap after that one!

Meanwhile, Sassy laid low in her bedroom. She has a bit of a cold virus, and I can just tell that she is feeling under the weather. Her little eyes are glassy and her nose and lips are terribly chapped... poor girl.

After nap, Tink was raring to go... again. Good thing she's so stinkin' cute!

She rocked her jammies for the rest of the day after the poop incident, and I mean rocked. She.is.exhausting!

Thankfully, Daddy was home before we knew it, and he took over giving in to her every demand... {some one's gotta do it!}

After I took this little series of pictures, I decided we desperately needed to clean our front room... true story! See, good things can come of incessant picture taking!

Then, it was time for dinner followed by an intense session of dress-up...

... and twirling...

We rounded out our snow day but what naturally came to mind... baking!

The girls went to bed with ease, exhausted from our busy day, and anxiously awaiting homemade banana bread for breakfast on snow day #2!

3 sweet tweets:

Stephanie said...

how fun! love all the pics and the play by play of your day!

Sherry said...

You guys definitely made the most out of a miserable day, looks like fun! And oh my gosh, Tink is growing up soooo fast! ;)

danielle @ take heart said...

oooh i am so craving banana bread right now!!