February 11, 2011

ooh la la... headband swap

One of my new favorite blogs this year is authored by Danielle over at Take Heart. I couldn't even tell you how I first stumbled upon her space, but I instantly became hooked. She is the kind of girl that I could definitely hang with in real life. Not only is her blog adorable, but she has impeccable style. This is the very reason that I knew, when she first posted about her headband swap, that I wanted to be a part! Surely, all of her followers were stylish, too. It was a no fail situation!

I was paired with Alison from aPearantly Sew. I chose a couple of headbands from one of our local favorites- JillyBean Designs- to send her. It was fun to wait for the arrival of my package- wouldn't you agree that it's always fun to know something fun is on its way for you in the mail? I think so.

I was thrilled with what Alison chose for me! I received two headbands and two hairpins, and the girls and I had a blast modeling them for the purposes of this wrap-up post!

Tink modeled the grey rosette elastic headband:

Sassy modeled the hairpins:

And I modeled the rigid multi-colored button headband:

Yeah for headband awesomeness!

You can check our Alison's blog and shop by clicking below...


Thanks, Alison...

We our new hair accessories!

3 sweet tweets:

danielle @ take heart said...

yay! they are all such great headbands and accessories!! thank you for your sweet words, friend! so happy you played along!! xox

stephanie said...

how cute! love all those accessories!

ClassiclyAmber said...

Oh, those headbands are so cute! I just made myself one like the grey flowers. The kiddos are even cuter, though!! =-D