February 9, 2011

Keeping Busy...

After all the snow and stuck-inside days we've had lately, I was going to take any opportunity that presented itself to get OUT of the house this past weekend. Considering we are in the middle of a snow day today, I am very grateful we did!

Tyler worked Saturday during the day, so Nana and I took the girls up to Wichita for the morning. First stop- The Donut Whole! Nana had never been there, and the girls were excited to show off one of their favorite spots. We enjoyed samplings of Buttermilk, Homer J, Thick Mint, English Toffee, Key Lime Pie and Peach Cobbler donuts and took the rest home for Daddy & Graycop to enjoy!

Next stop- Botanica for their FREE family fun fair. We were greeted with a bag of goodies and a wooden birdhouse to take home and decorate. It was a bit cold and snowy for us to enjoy many of the outdoor displays they have to offer, but the commons room was filled with craft and activity stations to enjoy. We ran into tons of friends, both from PAT and our mommy group.

We made beaded caterpillars:

We made newspaper hats:

We colored:

We planted marigold seeds:

We made Valentine's Day cards for the local Meals on Wheels:

We strung nibble necklaces & bracelets:

We made silly "grass heads":

We had some popcorn & juice, packed up the car, and headed home for some much needed rest before the Daddy/Daughter Dance. ♥

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