February 3, 2011

Cooped no longer...

Despite having no school for dangerously low temperatures and wind chills yesterday, we had to get out of the house. I bundled the girls and we dashed off to meet Lynzee and crew at McDonald's for play time and then jutted to Target for the necessities: laundry detergent, Kleenex for Sassy, and chocolate.

Had an epic nap time- Tink went to sleep without a 2-hour fight and Sassy remained in her bedroom for the duration. I explained to Sassy that she needed to rest when she wasn't feeling good, so we made her a "bed" in her bed, gathered lots of books and workbooks and coloring stuff, and planted her there. It's a small miracle that she stayed put, but I was pretty glad.

After nap time, not so good. Remember what happened at the same time a couple of days ago? Well, today it was worse. I'm still traumatized. I may or may not sort the emotions of it all on here an a later time. Hmph.

We all ventured out again after Ty returned from work to have dinner with my parents to celebrate... ready for this... they were approved for an apartment! YAHOO! My friends, in case you do not fully understand the implications of this, let me lay it down for you. After job loss, foreclosure, a 750 mile move, and cohabitating with us for SIXTEEN long months, they will be moving out!!! We've enjoyed being closer to them, appreciated their help immensely, but it is time. We all know that. We all feel that. I am very grateful that they will only be a stone's throw away, still willing to help care for the girls while I work, and all that good stuff. Also, very excited to reclaim our home and resume some sense of "normal". I'm not sure if you could ever fully understand had you not been in a similar situation. This is big, my friends!

After dinner, we had to go to Walmart (eck) for dog food. They have to eat, too! We got the girls to bed, watched American Idol and Top Chef on DVR, and turned in. No snow day today, so I thought I'd get a quick post in before the girls wake up and start this (back to normal) day! Stay warm, my friends!

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**** said...

Yea for long naps, and your parents finding a new home! Distance makes the heart grow fonder...even if that distance is anywhere but within the same four walls as you :)

rduxler said...

Definite yay for your parents (and you!). I can't.even.imagine. I think like you, I have a very good relationship with my parents, and I still would've totally lost my flippin' mind by this point. I think having them out of the house-- yet still close-- is the best possible situation (I would LOVE to get my parents to move to Wichita!). We're home again today because DP follows suit with USD 259, but we're definitely venturing out. May the force be with us!

Alyssa said...

Congrats to you and your parents! And how nice that they will still be close to babysit- but far enough away that you can use your basement!