October 20, 2008

Eeeeew, Shots...

Yes, the dreaded experience: Sitting at the Dr's office helplessly as they STAB your newborn baby with needles. SO not the way I would like to spend my Monday morning!

As you may have guessed, Little A had her 2-month check-up this morning. Of course, Sassy woke up this morning with a horrible cough and a 101.9 fever. Yeah. She's actually been in remarkably high spirits considering... she is usually a hand-full and a half when she is running a temp. She sort of delighted in taking Little A to the Dr. and watching her get shots instead of herself. I pondered whether or no this should bother me, and mucked it up to normal 2-year-old logic.

Little A weighed 11 pounds, 2 ounces. She is in the 57th percentile for weight, which is probably at least 30 percentile points greater than what Sassy was at 2 months... at least. It's no wonder she feels like a lug to us! She is perfectly healthy and meeting all of her milestones, as rudimentary as they may be at her tender age. Good news!

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Sassy snaps out of this little bug soon so that we may spare ourselves another trip to the direful pediatrician!

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