October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, Part I

Sassy on her John Deere:Mommy & Little A:
Little A on the pumpkin scale- it said 11 lbs.- NO WAY!!:
Sassy playing "peek":
Little A and the pumpkins:
Sassy & the pumpkins:
Sassy & her friend from the mommy group:
Daddy & Sassy jumpin' on the pillow jumper:
Sassy having a ball:
Daddy & Sassy on the "scary" mountain slide:
Well, we made our first trip to Walter's Pumpkin Patch yesterday. It is such a fantastic pumpkin patch- I cannot say enough great things about it. Sure the admission prices went up this year, as did the concessions. I am just grateful they are able to stay afloat with the economy and keep providing great entertainment- they added some really cool new features this year, too.

We met up with some friends from our parents group, which was great. It was a beautiful day, a bit windy, but great temps! Sassy enjoyed the train ride and pillow jumper best. She was a little scared of the mountain slide, even though dad went down with her. She picked out a gourd and enjoyed multiple cups of pumpkin juice... they day before her dentist appointment, of course.

We hope to make another trip to Walter's closer to Halloween and pick out our pumpkins for carving. Hopefully, the weather will be a bit cooler then.

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