October 2, 2008


Thank God it's Thursday- one glorious day away from Friday. 48 hours from the coveted weekend. Oh, when will it arrive???

This week has been a challenge- really, it's been the first time I have been alone with both girls all week since Little A was born. Things went pretty well, really. We have kept relatively busy, and tolerated each other well, for the most part. Sassy has started "spitting" this week (blowing raspberries at everything when she is angry)- so, we have been working at keeping that to a minimum. Sleep has been going well- Little A even slept for 8 hours straight one night this week. Sassy has started off every evening in her big girl bed. I have been leaving her door cracked, and she is free to crawl in bed with me at any point during the night. She has come into our bedroom most nights, but she goes right back to sleep, so it has been working out well for us.

We have some exciting things planned this weekend, so we are looking forward to its arrival! Plus, I'll have an extra set of helping hands again- yeah!

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