October 28, 2008

It's Little Lost Soul...

I have now been without my nursing cover for 9 days... **tear**. I had it out at Great Wall in Derby to feed Little A, but I never ended up using it- and that is the last place that I remember having it. I didn't notice it was missing until 2 days later, and when we called, they practically cut us off before we were finished speaking insisting that they didn't have it. Considering the difficulty of communication over the phone, I marched my little behind in there and asked again. I SWEAR that is where I left it. "Nope, nope, nothing like that", they said. So, I had to resign myself to the fact that someone grabbed it up or an employee of Great Wall in wrapped up in the awesomeness of my Bebe Au Lait, with it's vibrant teal cotton covered in playful polka dots. **Sigh**

So, admittedly, I sound overly accusatory. I apologize. I am just bitter, is all. How could I forget such a vital part of my every day life these days. I am sorry, but I am just too busy and too adventurous to stay at home all day with two kids. No sir-ee Bob. I have got to go out and see the world. And, seeing as I was "blessed" with a nice sized rack... er... chest... I need my cover, people. No one in the general public wants to see those babies (unless it's just a peek from a cute little v-neck or something). So, now do you see my dilemma?

Why don't I use a regular $2 receiving blanket, you ask, instead of my $40 "luxury" cover. It's simple- my kid is too damn smart to let me cover her face with a blanket. She is a living, breathing, little girl. She flails around like nobody's business the moment that receiving blanket curbs her vision, thrashing and clawing to get out and see some sunlight. It just doesn't work.

And I can't make one, either, so don't even go there. The thought of myself holding a needle and thread or trying to navigate around a sewing machine is laughable. Utterly. So sad, so true.

So, for now I will have to struggle to avoid flashing the entire universe (well, at least the entire population of Target shoppers) each time I feed Little A. At the very least, this gives me an excuse to go peruse Marshmallow Kisses on Friday. Yes, I can always find a silver lining!

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mom2tictacs said...

If you can't find one to borrow or anything, Target sells them now. The Bebe Au Lait brand and everything--I think they are $29.99? (which I imagine is cheaper...)

Either way, good luck! I just got one to have for the new baby because I can't find my old one!