October 5, 2008

Trees and Apples and Pears... oh my!

So, it's fall again- our favorite season! There is nothing I enjoy more than shopping for cute fall clothes. OK, maybe there are some things, but whatever. Anyway, the girls looked so cute in these little fall dresses- Sassy's dress has little trees on it and Little A's dress has apples and pears. As per the usual Saturday, I attempted a little family photo-op. Here is Sassy with a streak of the devil in her pretty little eyes:
Here is my smart, smart Sassy showing me her big blue eyes. It is near impossible to get her to look directly at my camera these days, so I asked her to show me her pretty blue eyes, which caused her to do this in return:
Sassy is telling Little A stories here- telling her about the three little pigs and the big, bad wolf huffing and puffing- we had just read that story inside:
I love this one- Sassy laughing like the devil and Little A is like, HELP. Save me... so many more years of this to come!
Little A taking it all in- she enjoys her time outside and loves to look at the trees, feel the wind blow, etc:
My girlies are getting bigger by the day and we are enjoying them SO, SO much. I love watching Sassy be a great big sister. Little A is lucky to have a sister that adores her to no end and I can't wait to see them experience all that life has to offer together. I hope they will be best friends!

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