October 24, 2008

Little Tink...

Sassy has been quite obsessed with Tinkerbell as of late. She has always fancied her, and her Tinkerbell nightgowns are among her favorites. But, now, since the new Disney movie is coming out next week, Tinkerbell is everywhere. On everything. You know how it goes.

Sassy wants to wear her Tinkerbell panties constantly. I try to explain to her that only 3 out of her 476 pairs of panties have Tinkerbell on them, but of course, that doesn't matter in the least. She says the name so cute, too. Comes out something like "Tink-oo-baaeeeell". Sort of the same inflection as many of you have heard with "Cind-oo-ELLLAAAAH".

So, she wanted to wear her Tinkerbell sweatshirt today. I put her hair up, we went outside, and I realized... she looks like her. I have my very own little Tink...

...and she's just as imp-ish, too.

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