October 13, 2008

The "Fglaminkos"

We went to the Z-O-O today, which was great! One of Sassy's little friends had his third birthday party there this afternoon, and afterwards, we took the opportunity to walk around and see all the "aminals", as Sassy would say.

Every night before bed, we have a ritual where we get hugs & kisses, and talk about what fun things we are going to do the next day. Well, Sassy has it down to a science. We cannot skip a bedtime step, oh no. So, she always says "Do somefin fun tomowow" and then we discuss. So, last night, I told her about the party and the zoo, and she was SO excited. I about thought it was going to backfire on me because she was SO stimulated by our talk, I thought she may never go to bed. Anyway, I asked her what she wanted to see at the zoo, and she said LIONS! I asked her what else, and she said ELEPHANTS! I asked her what else, and she said FGLAMINKOS! I was like, huh? What?? It took me a minute of her saying it over and over, until I got that it was flamingos that she wanted to see. FUNNY! Here are a couple more pictures that I took:

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