October 7, 2008

She's an O-G-R-E

When Sassy is angry, she likes to imitate intimidating animals in order to "scare" us. Her usual in the dinosaur roar, claws up and everything. Lately, she has been hissing at us like a snake. It is so hard not to laugh because she is so funny, but she is trying to be so serious. I'd hate to laugh at her and make her feel bad, but I just can't help myself sometimes.

Well, last night, I about lost it. I was asking her not to do something in the car (probably spitting) and she yelled to me "I'm an Ogre" and made the funniest crumpled up face imaginable. Shrek is just about her favorite movie, so that is obviously where she got it from, but it is surreal to me that she is able to extrapolate the fact that ogres are scary and persist to be one in anger. My goodness, she is a smart cookie.

Unfortunately, Sassy had to take a time-out from daddy before bed last night for not brushing her teeth. I was in the basement with Little A, and I could hear all of the events unfold. When she was sitting in her room on time-out, once again, she was yelling "I'm and ogre, I'm and ogre daddy!" Man, it was funny. We'll have to see what other creatures she comes up with now!

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