October 18, 2008

Slumber Party

So, Tyler left for KC after work yesterday to run the half marathon, and the girls and I had a fun night in! We decided to have a slumber party. I had to drop Ty off in Old Town to catch his ride, so we hit up Walmart on the way home. We bought some microwave popcorn and rented two movies from RedBox.

As soon as we came home, we put on our jammies and got ready for our slumber party. Sassy was SO excited! All she could talk about was watching Ariel (we rented that new Little Mermaid movie) and popcorn! We got all cozy in bed, and watched the movie (quite painful, if I do say so myself). Sassy ate more popcorn than I did, and we drifted off to dreamland without Daddy's help... ahhhh!

Fun times, just us girls!

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