October 29, 2010

Cooking Class v1.2

Remember Sassy's cooking class fiasco? Well, we're still plugging away with "at home" classes...

Here's the recap of the second half of "official" classes:

Week 3- Pumpernickel Tuna Melts

Week 4- Berry Crepes

Both weeks were a gleaming success! Sassy still helped with every bit, including plate presentation and serving her "guests" {aka Nana and Tink}...

Now that the official 4-week period of cooking class is over, I will stop highlighting it... promise. But, this is something Sassy ♥'s, so we will surely continue sharing this time together.

In fact, next Monday is Sassy's half birthday, and I think she has some crazy cooking plans up her sleeve. It is, in her mind, a national holiday, after all.

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