April 19, 2009

Busy, Busy Day...

I am still tired from yesterday... we had quite the day!

After the excitement from the bippy fairy wore down, Sassy and I rushed around the house, readying ourselves for the March of Dimes walk! The weather was actually pretty perfect. It was overcast and a little cool. We began at the baseball stadium and followed a 2-mile path around the River and back across. Lynzee and the girls walked, also. I brought my small camera, and the battery lasted for exactly one picture as soon as we got out of the car, so unfortunately, I only have one. Boo... You can see Lu Lu and LMB's feet in the background if you look closely!

After nap, Sassy had a gymnastics birthday party for two of her friends who are sisters with April birthdays. The kids had a blast! I am definitely going to keep that in mind for future birthday parties. Sassy loved the cake most, followed by the trampoline and playing with the giant parachute.

Directly after the party, we went Sassy's MDO musical program. It was almost painful to watch. When the teachers were walking the kids up to the stage, Sassy glanced back at me and practically pleaded with me to take her. Once up on the stage, she looked like she would rather be anywhere else on earth for most of the program. And, of course, she was front and center. She did not sing a word. She did not do the hand motions. She just stood. Poor thing. I did catch a little smile when she spotted me up front taking pictures!

I asked her about it later, and she said, "I did not like that, mama." I guess her stage days are numbered. See, for as sassy as Sassy is, she is really quite shy around strangers. I remember for the first two months she attended preschool, her teacher used to say to me when I picked her up what a quiet little girl she was. I always thought, "Whose kid is she talking about?" Certainly not the Sassy I know and love!

Where was Little A during all of this excitement? Sick! She has had a little cold since Minnesota, and Friday afternoon, she woke up from her nap wheezing pretty badly. I took her straight into the doctor, and she has bronchiolitis. The PA was using the terms bronchiolitis and RSV interchangeably, but from what I understand, RSV is one (albeit the most common one) of several causes of bronchiolitis. Since they chose not to swab her, I don't know the we can definitively say she has RSV again, although they referred to her sickness as such.

Luckily, since she is a bit older this time, they are allowing us to monitor and treat her at home for the time being. We are doing lots of suctioning, suctioning, suctioning. She sounds pretty awful this morning, and I am hopeful that we won't have to go back in. Although her O2 sat. was hanging around 90-93 in the office, she wasn't very wheezy at that point. It makes me nervous to think what her O2 sat. is when she is wheezy, like right now. I hate having a sick baby!

Oh, and Little A did celebrate her 8-month birthday yesterday, as well. A milestone post is to come, I promise!

2 sweet tweets:

Erin D. said...

I'm sorry to hear Little A is sick and I hope that she gets well soon! I hope the shy thing is just a stage, Bubbie is shy like that too!

Mae said...

Poor baby! I'm so sorry for Little A. I hope she's feeling better very soon. I LOVE Sassy's outfit for the gymnastics party! Too cute!!