April 1, 2009

Tidbits from my phone conversation with Sassy this evening...

As soon as I say hello...
Sassy: I did NOT eat a good dinner. I did NOT eat my turkey burger. I spitted it out on my plate. I ate my dip, though.

Me: How's Little A?
Sassy: She's doin' good. She's fussy.
Me: Are you helping Daddy take good care of her?
Sassy: Um, yeah. I'm givin' her blankets.
Me: That's nice of you sweetie.
Sassy: Um, yeah. I knowed.

Me: Do you miss me?
Sassy: YES!
Me: Well, I miss you A LOT!
Sassy: Oh.

Me: OK, I will see you in a couple more days, sweetie.
Sassy: Are you going to visit at me? Are you going to visit at my house?
Me: Yep, I will be home in a few days.
Sassy: Then we can go to Target.
Me: OK. Sounds good...

3 sweet tweets:

Sarah said...

You've taught her well-Target. Bubs talks about coupons, which makes me proud :)

Randi said...

What a surprise that your daughter is wanting to go shopping! :P

Kendra said...

Can I come to Target too???