April 21, 2009

Orange you thinking about Stellan this morning?

Sassy and I started our "Orange for Stellan" event last night by painting our fingers and toes in Essie tangerine. Sassy and I had a talk about our plans for "orange day" and that baby Stellan was sick and having surgery on his heart today. We said a prayer for him together before bed.

This morning, we made a special orange breakfast. We had apricot & sweet potato pancakes, orange slices, and orange juice.

Tyler even delayed going to work so he could join in on our special breakfast. He got into the orange spirit, too!

We went outside to take some pictures together before Sassy had to be dropped off at preschool. Here are some of my favorites. I rarely get in any picture action myself, so I cherish the few pictures I do get with my girls! I completely forgot to get some of Sassy by herself, but I will later today!

I will update throughout the day with more of our "Orange for Stellan" activities!

Oh, and please check out the photo posting on MckMama's blog! Look at all that orange! How awesome is this show of support??? Can you spot my two little sweet peas? Last I checked, they were on there twice, separated by a few photos... down quite a ways! What a great way to have a few minutes of fame...

Pray, pray, pray, hope, wish, pray for Stellan today!!

3 sweet tweets:

miranda said...

Beautiful! Love the pics. Way to show ur support for stellan and his family. Ur such a good person. Tell the girls auntie Mi Mi loves their cute orange outfits and tell Little miss sassy pants her nails look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Everybody looks so great! We had a hard time finding orange clothes today, but we have been eating orange food.

Erin D. said...

Thanks for the compliments! Looks like everyone enjoyed their yummy breakfast! Thats awesome that your husband joined in on the spirit too!