April 20, 2009

Tomorrow should be an orange kind of day!

Prayers for Stellan

For those of you not keeping your own personal tabs on Stellan (which is probably 0.02% of the blogosphere, from my official calculations)... well, I thought it was time for an update!

Stellan and MckMama are no longer up in the frozen tundra. Nope. They are in Boston under the care of an awesome new electrophysiologist. After many, many ups and downs, tests and meetings, weighing of pros and cons, exploration of the ins and outs, it has been decided: Stellan will have the ablation he needs to remove the accessory pathway(s) in his heart to allow it to function without the SVT, the v-tach, and several other arrhythmias he has been experiencing. TOMORROW.

As it's been stated, the ablation on a baby so young is very risky and they will not be out of the woods, so to speak, just yet. They need all the prayers, thoughts, and support that you can throw their way!

Since orange is a favorite color of MckMama, and Stellan told her that it was his favorite, too, it has been suggested that everyone wear orange tomorrow in support of Stellan, the MckFamily, and his team of Dr.'s to find the wisdom necessary to help Stellan heal! So, c'mon... let's do it! Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 21st... wear something orange. Dress your kids in orange. Make an orange breakfast! Pray over a glass of orange juice! It will be great! Won't you join me?

**photo from http://www.mycharmingkids.net/**

Oh, and if you would like to purchase an orange Stellan bracelet, click here. They are $5, and all proceeds will go to the MckFamily. I'm just waiting on mine to arrive!

Read about Stellan's trip to Boston.

Check out what an awesome welcome Stellan received in Boston here.

5 sweet tweets:

Sarah said...

I'm kind of getting into this "Stellan thing", so I think we might have to go all out with the orange thing-I may even take your advice and make an orange breakfast and all. Make sure you post pictures of your orange day, and I'll do the same for ours!

Erin D. said...

Orange is my favorite color too! We all will be wearing orange tomorrow and pray for Stellan.

Anonymous said...

I will try to wear orange tomorrow, and we do have oranges we can have with breakfast. We have a lunch tomorrow, and we are having carrots with it...

Erin said...

Ahh, I don't have a whole lot of orange in my wardrobe, but my kids do! And I'll find some for myself as well. I love it when people rally together!!!

miranda said...

I saw the pics....love them. that poor little guy I hope he pulls through.