April 15, 2009

Pine cones and Ponderances... aka Minnesota Part III

After we set the eggs aside to dry and replaced Sassy's clothing, we headed to the backyard to burn off some steam. I consider our backyard to be a nice place, but I am envious of theirs. It's so big and open! It's remote enough that there are crop fields (I call them this because I have no idea what is grown there. Corn?) right across the road, but close enough to shopping civilization to be comfortable.

Little A was sleeping away inside, so we just ran around like crazy monkeys (are you seeing a theme?) Ty's dad has a deer target out in the back to practice archery, and Sassy was fascinated with it. She soon discovered that he was hollow, and began stuffing every pine cone she could find into a hole in it's head. Rather strange, I know... won't Grandpa be surprised!

We also hit up the neighbors swing set for a while!

While all this excitement was occurring, Little A was enjoying some oatmeal!

It was time for the girls to take their naps, and Tyler and Adam headed out to play disk (disc?) golf at a local course. I ran to Target, the mall, and TJ Maxx for some shopping. I had to pick up some lap pads to line Little A's car seat because I grew sick of washing the cover every 5 minutes as she pooped out of her clothes. (Did I mention the fact that it took about 5 outfits on the way up to Minnesota, and the very first thing we did when we entered the house was to throw her in a bath??)... I also bought Sassy a cute spring jacket from TJ's and one of next months book club books. (By the way, I finished it in a couple of days, and it is officially one of my top 5 favorite.books.EVER-- An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina).

Once everyone returned home, we ate a nice dinner and watched the Cubbies before heading to bed. Sassy slept in bed with Tyler and I, and so we talked and cuddled a bit. I was asking her if she was excited for Easter, and for church, and for the Easter Bunny to visit. She was, of course, thrilled at the prospect of the EB bringing her eggs and goodies.

I asked her what she thought he might bring her, and she replied, "Umm... maybe a movie, and maybe some c-a-a-a-a-ndy, and a colowing book." I told her that we'd have to wait and see. Then she suggested, "Maybe he will bwing me a new cube!" I told her that a new cube would be pretty big, and that the Easter Bunny may have a hard time carrying it... why, with all the other children's things he is responsible for. Her response... "It's OK, Mama. He will just put it in his twunk."

Now, why didn't I think of that? I bet the EB has a sweet ride...

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I love Sassy's coat! So cute :)