April 26, 2009

The Zoo, Swine Flu, and #2(00)...

Yep, we did it. We went to the zoo AGAIN today! This has been Tyler's first weekend without overtime in a while, and we were determined to do something fun as a family, regardless of what mother nature gave us.

Sassy was super excited to see the "aminals" again. We were able to spend about 2 1/2 hours walking around before the rain started coming down. Now, we are under severe weather alerts, and I am trying to post a quick blog before I unplug my computer for the night (yes, I have learned the hard way...).

Here's the obligatory zoo entrance picture. Sassy was in her own little world. Can you see the owie on her cheek? She woke up in the middle of the night screaming. I though she had a bad dream, and scooped her up and brought her into our bed. Turns out, she whacked her face on the bed. Poor girl. Little A seemed pretty excited to be back in zoo-land:

Here's one of Sassy and the chimp statue:

Little A enjoyed sitting in the "pwetend" chimp nest. Sassy assured me several times that it was just "pwetend":

My peeps:

We had a great time watching the elephants today. Isn't it amazing how they can stretch out their trunks?:

I was really fascinated by these trunks of theirs today:

What a site to see:

I couldn't believe that these huge animals would kneel down and reach so far out for food! It cracked me up watching this one- do you see his tail? It's like he was using every last inch of his body for balance:

This Colobus Monkey just had a baby on April 20th. Isn't he cute?:

Sassy feeding Daddy some popcorn. I had to document the fact that she was sharing. Food. Voluntarily:

Little A playing "So Big!":

My pretty baby girl:

The Swine Flu? Seriously? OK, let me just explain a little something to you.

I am terrified of pandemics. I know most people are terrified of pandemics, but I am extra terrified.

I think it all began in third grade when I was assigned The Black Death for a school report. Basically, since then, things have snowballed. Anthrax. Who needs mail? Bird Flu. Yikes. Threats of another huge pandemic. Where's my plastic bubble?

So, now, swine flu? In the U.S.? Mere days after I first learn of it? What's that, you say? In Kansas? From Mexico through Mid-Continent Airport to somewhere in Dickinson County? I'm never leaving my house again.

Seriously. Should we have even gone to the zoo today? Should I send Sassy to preschool? I can't take this right now...

Laugh now people... if I perish due to swine flu, you will all feel terrible. Very, very terrible. I do have a cough, you know? And, I think my lymph nodes are a bit enlarged...

In case you didn't know... this very post is my 199th... which makes my next one number 2-0-0! Who hoo! If I make it through to see the day (see above), I will be hosting my very first giveaway! Stay tuned...

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

First of all, Little A's smile in that first pic is too cute =).Second, Love Sassy and the chimp.
Third, I am SO with you on the swine flu. SERIOUSLY?!?! SWINE?!?! I was telling David this afternoon (after spending hours reading about it) that I am begging God to please not let the "SWINE" anything that kills us.
NOT the name I wanna go out under.

Mandy said...

I'm in on the swine flu also... do you think they try to terrify us, or is it justified?