April 25, 2009

My Little Cupcake is turning 3!

Well, next week, anyway...

However, as I have been vehemently trying to explain to her, we celebrated her birthday last night with her friends, even though her real birthday isn't until next Friday. (Note to all readers: save yourself the hassle and plan the party for after the birthday if the actual day doesn't work out...)

Sassy and I had many important conversations dreaming up the details of her third birthday party. After many ideas were tossed aside, she finally declared that her theme would be the cupcake. She wanted all things cupcake for her birthday party. After a little bit of research, we decided on hosting the party at Sugar Sisters Bakery. Each child would receive dinner and lemonade, followed by cupcake decorating, a giant strawberry cupcake with pink frosting for singing happy birthday, and a personalized apron as a party favor.

Here are a glimpse of the invites:

Here is a picture of Sassy before we left for the party. I ordered her a cupcake shirt and matching cupcake hair bow on etsy at Simply Chic Bebe:

The kids had so much fun at the party. The cafe was still open for business, so I do feel a bit sorry for the poor folks who may have intended to stop in for a coffee and scone and relish in their peaceful quiet Friday night. What they encountered was anything but peaceful and quiet! Did I mention that Sassy had 16 of her friends in attendance? With siblings, there had to be at least 20 kids ranging in age from 8 months- 6 years old. Yeah. We pretty much overtook the place! Here is a picture of the scene... see all of our pretty aprons hanging on the chairs?

The kids and adults had some sandwiches and lemonade, and then proceeded to run like crazy people until it was time to decorate cupcakes. The aprons were a huge hit! Here's a picture of Sassy and a few friends:

Little A was as sweet as can be. Since Tyler and I remained fairly busy taking pictures and helping out, she was passed around to nearly everyone, and our friends were just delighted with what a happy baby she was the entire time. Sweet girl:

The cupcake decorating went well. Each of Sassy's friend was given three teeny-tinycakes to decorate with yellow frosting and assorted sprinkles. They were given a small take-home box to put them in, but as we all know how the world works for two and three-year-olds, not many of them actually made it home. Well, at least ours didn't!

Here's a cute one of Sassy and her Daddy. She was SO hopped up on sugar at this point, it was cRaZy! During the party, she ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, lemonade, 3 tiny cupcakes loaded with frosting and sprinkles, and a giant cupcake when we sang happy birthday! Whoa! You only turn three once, though!

When we sang happy birthday, the girls at the bakery brought out a giant platter of strawberry cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles. Yum! Sassy got pretty shy when everyone sang to her, and it took her a few tries to blow out her candle, but she did it!

I'm pretty sure she was in cupcake heaven with that strawberry cupcake, too. Mom was jealous!

We wrapped things up by opening gifts and thanking everyone for joining us and making Sassy's third birthday party so special!

...And thanking Sugar Sisters for putting up with us and our rambunctious crew!

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Erin D. said...

I LOVE Sugar Sister's Bakery!! I didn't know they did B-day parties. It looks like they all had a lot of fun! I'll have to look into that some day...........

Kendra said...

I LOVE That picture of Sassy with her tongue out as the cupcakes are coming towards her!! TOO CUTE!
Looks like such a fun birthday! You guys know how to throw a party!!

The Costellos said...

awe, what an awesome idea and what a great mommy and daddy to make her day special! LOVE the aprons; are they an Etsy find?

Mae said...

It looks like everyone had such a great time! I'm so bummed that we missed it! BTW - I said to Ty last night, but if Sassy already has that gift PLEASE return it. The gift receipt should be in the card. :)

Anonymous said...

Somehow I must have missed this post. Sorry we missed this party. It looks like it was a big hit.