April 24, 2009

Accidents & Elephants...

We have had an interesting couple of days around here!

Yesterday, I when I picked Sassy up from preschool, LMB came home with us. Lynzee had a few errands to run, so I brought her home with us for a while. As soon as we arrived home, I took a couple of pictures of the girls out front. Here are a couple cute ones:

Here's what transpired next. We came inside and I got the girls ice water and goldfish for a snack. We went down to the basement, and less than 5 minutes later, Little A needed a new diaper. I was just about to go upstairs and change her when Sassy told me that she needed to go potty. On my way upstairs, I checked the bathroom in the basement to make sure the potty seat was on, and then I told her to go ahead, and that I would be right back.

I was in the middle of changing Little A's diaper in the nursery when I heard a scream coming from the basement. I ran down to see what had happened, and apparently (since everything is a competition between the two of them), LMB decided to jump on the potty before Sassy could, and Sassy had an accident. For a lack of better ways to say this, Sassy tried to take off her wet pants and panties, and slipped on the wet tile floor and basically fell into her own urine and hit her head. Awesome.

So, I have Little A screaming in her crib, LMB pooping on the potty, a very dirty tile floor, and Sassy in desperate need of a bath. I ran upstairs and gave her a 3-minute bath, got her dressed, started the laundry, ran downstairs, helped LMB "finish up", cleaned the bathroom floor, washed my hands, ran and got Little A, and finally fed her a bottle- all in about 10 minutes time. Where is my medal??

This morning, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day outside and take the girls to the zoo! Sassy was so excited, especially when we decided that we would pack a picnic lunch. She talked about seeing the elephants for approximately 87 hours last night before bed...

You all know about my uncontrollable urge to dress the girls alike, right? Well, I had the perfect matching outfits for the zoo, and they looked so cute! I think Lynzee was a little nauseated, but, oh well!

The girls had so much fun. We did a lot of switching places as far as strollers, wagons, and walking, but it all worked out! Sassy and LMB thought it was so fun to hold hands and walk "by themselves". We saw the orangutans first, then did a large path through the Australia and South America exhibits, saw the elephants and zebras, had our picnic lunch, and then stopped at the penguin exhibit on our way out. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Sassy & Little A enjoying their stroller ride:

Sassy & the orangutan, up close and personal:

Sassy & LMB in the Australia exhibit:

BFF's (when they feel like it...):

The moment Sassy was waiting for:

Lu Lu & Little A:

Am I the only one who thinks Lu Lu looks like Mike Wozowski here??

Sassy enjoying some lunch and taking it all in:

Mmm... Peanut butter and honey! Aren't her pink nails the cutest??

Tonight is Sassy's cupcake birthday party, so we will have plenty to post about later!

3 sweet tweets:

The Costellos said...

My, how I'm looking forward to the adventures of potty-training (which may be in my near future). For the record, I also dress my girls alike as often as I can and will continue to do so until I can no longer force them :) Super cute pics.

Mae said...

Oh, my dear, you TOTALLY deserve a medal for so many reasons! :) Love the zoo pics! Hope we can get together soon. So, so sorry we're missing out on the b-day party. :(

Kendra said...

And no body ate any of Sassy's snacks!! I consider that day a SUCCESS! HA!