April 6, 2009

Playing Catch-Up...

I never knew what a toll it would take to be gone from my family for a week (...well, almost). Don't get me wrong- Tyler did great, and the girls had loads of fun spending the days at their friends houses. But, it was a lot of work to come home and get things back in order, get back into some sort of routine, etc.

I returned home about 4:00 Friday, and then sat and avoided the inevitable mess waiting for me at home had a nice conversation with Sarah about how the day went. Once we arrived home, we waited for Daddy, and then it was back out for us to return the school van, have some dinner, and do our shopping for the Easter Eggstravaganza... on Saturday morning... at our house. Yeah. After being gone a week... who does that?

We had a big potluck BBQ for about 35 people. The kids had an egg hunt, we ate some delicious food, and it was a really nice time. The only problem was that I hardly had any time to socialize with my fabulous friends due to the whole "hostess" thing. What can you do?

Lu Lu grabbing her egg:

LMB sneaking some candy:

Sassy and her goods:

LMB and Dana's daughter:

Oh, and there was additional "problem". I nearly sliced the top of my thumb off chopping lettuce for my taco salad... 10 minutes before all of my guests were slated to arrive. After turning seven shades of white, becoming dizzy and succumbing to some killer tinnitus, and then laying down face-first on my bed to avoid passing out remaining calm as any good health care professional would do, I wrapped it up and decided to revisit the situation later.

Once Tyler arrived home from work, he took a closer look at my thumb (mainly due to the fact that I got nauseous and clammy every time I did so), he said that I should really get it looked at. After 4 hours, it was still bleeding pretty good. Basically, to be honest, if Tyler says that I should go to the ER on a Saturday... well, crap.

As we speak, my thumb is "Dermabonded" and faring well. The area of my thumb that was affected wouldn't have held stitches very well, thank God. I can handle Dermabond. In fact, I probably have some in my kit down in the basement. Why didn't I think of that?

Saturday night, Sassy had a flashlight egg hunt through the rec center, and then Tyler went out to play poker with some friends while the girls and I ran to Target and then cuddled at home. I missed those sweet peas!

Yesterday, I met my friend, Dana, at the fabric store to shop for fabric for Sassy's birthday favors... more to come on that front. I met with a few other girls for our monthly book club after that. This month, we read I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. Good times.

Well, I must tend to the little ones, so the rest will have to come tomorrow...

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Erin Dashiell said...

Oh, I'll bet you were stressed after being gone for all that time. Your poor thumb! My Mom used to do that all the time, probably why I have an aversion to knives. I hope your thumb gets better soon! Great pictures too, how did you do that with your thumb being hurt?

Kendra said...

Welcome back!!
I too have had a thumb incident...it was not as deep as yours though, but I got me some dermabond too, AND some Vicodin...God bless my doctor -HA!

SassyEngineer said...

I'm glad the eggtravaganza was a success - it looks like everyone had fun! I am almost about to pass out just thinking about your thumb. I didn't use to be bothered by things like that when I was younger, but these days I just can't hardly handle it anymore!