April 21, 2009

Tangerine Dreams...

Those will be what we hope for as we drift off to sleep tonight and reflect on our orange-filled day!

This will be a quick wrap-up, since I have my own little Sweet Peas to attend to!

We had a fabulous orange dinner- Asian Orange Marmalade Salmon, Orange & Ginger Rice and fresh broccoli. Yum!

After dinner, I had to go to work (which involved a change out of my orange attire... boo!), but I gave Tyler some ideas for orange-related crafts to do with the girls while I was gone. Sassy and Daddy made pretty (I use the term loosely) orange-stamped paintings.

After work, as our last orange adventure, we took a family trip to Braum's, and each of us parted from our norm and ordered orange sherbet in honor of Stellan! (Little A admired and we enjoyed...) It never tasted better than tonight, my friends.

Tomorrow, the abundance of orange may be out of sight, but it will never be far out of mind.

Have a restful night, and go hug your sweet peas, young and old!

2 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

You all are so cute.

Mae said...

That is an IMPRESSIVE orange day! The Sweet Peas Household does not do things small. :)