August 7, 2009

Brush Wars...

When it comes to brushing Sassy's hair, we experience ebbs and flows.

Some days, we breeze right through it like, oh, I don't know... like it's something we do every day.

Other days, I feel like I need a straight jacket miracle to get through the task.

We have an entire arsenal of tools. Combs, brushes, green apple detangling spray, orange detangling spray, hair pretties, barrettes... the list goes on.

Sassy is very particular about how her hair is done, also.

Some days, she insists on a mere barrette to keep her hair out of her face. Other days, it's elaborate braid/ponytail/pigtail/princess do's that she's after.

Just yesterday, I was combing through a particularly difficult patch of what I like to call her birds nest when she tells me, "Mommy, don't comb my hair so hard. You're going to pull my head off."

She's always been one for dramatics.

Through it all, I try to relish in the task, as I know that it will be all too soon before she won't let me touch her hair with a ten-foot pole.

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