August 10, 2009

Not Me!

Wow, it's been a while since I've done one of these...

What have I not been up to this past week?

Let's see... I did not allow Sassy to fall asleep watching a movie in my bed Saturday afternoon, and I did not decide to skip putting a Pull-Up on her for fear that I would wake her up. She did not subsequently have an accident in my bed, and I did not freak out and scour the Internet over how to remove urine from a pillow-top mattress.

I did not get extremely irritated by the entire turn of events, even though it was completely my fault. Oh, and I was not too cheap to buy the nice waterproof cover they offered to sell me upon buying my mattress, either.

I have not gone mad shopping for fall clothes for the girls. I would never buy 5x the amount of clothing they actually need. Not me! I do not just have to pick up every cute thing I see or try and take advantage of every sale that I come across!

I have not resorted to putting Little A down for her nap with a bottle once or twice, even though I know it is bad for her dental health. Only a terrible mama would do such a thing!

I have not secretly wished for a nap for the last week. Nope. Not me!

2 sweet tweets:

Ashylee said...

I love the pillow top one. Oh that would have irrited me to no end! Just visiting a fellow mom!

Kendra said...

HA! Did you get the urine out??