August 21, 2009

First Birthday Adventures, Part III

After a much-needed rest, the four of us headed over to Lynzee's house. I made Thai turkey lettuce wraps for dinner, and we enjoyed some fruit pizza for dessert.

I just had to buy this giant cupcake for Little A to get her hands in:

We sang happy birthday, and Daddy helped her blow out the candle:

At first, she just tested the frosting out with her fingers:

Before long, the scene looked more like this:

Once we returned home, we had a few gifts to bestow upon Little A:

First, Sassy wanted me to take a picture of the two of them with their new guys... always a challenge:

Daddy helped Little A tear through those wrappings:

Little A is starting to be very interested in baby dolls. Sassy is such a sweet big sister. Dolls are one of her favorite things, and she wanted to get Little A one of her very own. We found a cute little bath baby, and Sassy just had to get it for Little A. She told me that Little A likes to play with hers "evewy day" and needed one of her own. I think it looks a little bit like Little A:

We also got Little A her own Baby Alive doll. She loves to feed the baby her bottle and give the baby kisses licks.

I'd say she did very well for her first birthday! Oh, and she still has 2 birthday parties coming!

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Anonymous said...

I was logging on to see the party pictures. Silly me. Those must be Part VII.