August 11, 2009

Papa was a bowling stone...

Hee hee... sometimes I just make myself chuckle.

Anyway... we've hit another first in the sweet pea household...

Sassy has officially bowled her first game. The bowling alley near us has great deals on Mondays, and they have these neat little ramp things that ensure the kiddos' balls actually make it down the lane.

First, she modeled her stylish bowling shoes. I know, I know- she looks a little goofy:

She took her time perusing the ball return, and took in a few tips from her friend, A:

Finally, she was brave enough to lift the gigantic 6-lb. bowling ball:

And, she was off to the races:

She was interested in bowling for approximately three frames. After which, she let E and L take her turns as she ran wild between 3 lanes amidst her gaggle of friends.

You've gotta ♥ friends!

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Kendra said...

LOVE it!!