August 22, 2009

First Birthday Adventures, Part IV

Friday, we had a small birthday celebration for Little A. I spent half of the morning trying to decide what cute little birthday dress to put her in, and at the last minute, decided a birthday dress was completely unnecessary for a pizza party and went with jeans and a halter top instead.

So, there.

It didn't hurt that Sassy had a matching one, too:

This is where we had her birthday party:

You know, I went back and forth about what to do. I like to go all out on birthdays and do something really creative, but this just wasn't the year. We are lucky to still be employed, and we thought low-key was the way to go. We'll make it up to her next year!

This is Little A arriving to her birthday party:

Luckily, she is usually a happy girl when she wakes up. Unlike someone I know... namely a 3-year-old sibling...

I made Ty take a picture of Little A and I before we even went inside. I am always behind the camera, and I wanted one with my girl:

Here's Daddy and his girls... so cute!

We did a loose theme of Winnie the Pooh. We went the minimalist route with decorations. We had a beehive cupcake cake made up:

And, some extra cupcakes... just in case...

We had the favor bags all lined up. In each one was a rubber duck for the bath tub and some kiddie soap that we just ♥ in the sweet pea household!

Each kiddo also got to take home a super cute Heffalump sippy cup from The Disney Store:

Little A settled in to her throne high chair as her friends arrived:

Soon, it was time for lunch. Don't worry... we didn't feed the kids jalapenos. This was Ty's request:

Little A's friends seemed to enjoy themselves eating and socializing:

Sassy helped Little A and Daddy blow out the candle:

Little A was only semi-interested in her smash cake:

She liked to trace the frosting around with her chubby little finger:

I helped Little A open presents. We are so blessed to have such awesome friends who have GREAT taste in gifts. I am thrilled that Little A has a personalized tote just like Sassy:

All in all, I'd say Little A is one lucky birthday girl!

4 sweet tweets:

Anonymous said...

It was a super-fab party and the take homes were so, so cute! I never know what to do for party favors.

miranda said...

im so jelous, i wish i was there to share such a special day. i was there in spirit. it looks like everything turned out really nice. way to go mama.

Kendra said...

She looks THRILLED in that picture of her on her throne when her friends arrived!! So happy!!

Alyssa said...

I'm sorry we missed it- looks like the birthday girl had a great time!