August 4, 2009

My Little Rockstar...

sassy- \ˈsa-sē\

1. impudent
2. vigorous, lively
3. distinctively smart and stylish

Check. Check. Double Check.

If there were ever a child to keep you on your "A" game, Sassy would be it!

She has an attitude and a half, though barely three years old. She will put you in your place.

We have been working on the whole talking back issue as of late. Suddenly, she seems to think it's okay to tell us "NO!" or make feral noises and turn her back to us when we try to reprimand her.

It's not a pretty sight.

Her new thing is her attempt to be a master manipulator. "But, Daddy always lets me have a snack!" or "But, Mommy always lets me brush my teeth all by myself".

Her persistence never ceases to amaze me, even though Daddy and I always win... at least when we are aware of her ploy...

With all that sass comes a lot of fun, though. She is one silly, silly chica! Look at her silly little pointed tongue, and you tell me how you can resist breaking into a grin, even just a little one...

I wish I could capture some of her zest and zeal, bottle it up, and administer it to myself in small doses. My, how my perspective on life would change! I challenge myself to spend some time looking at the world through her bright, shining eyes- it's good for the soul.

I wish everyone was lucky enough to have a Sassy in their world!

4 sweet tweets:

Lisa said...

That last picture makes her look so much older.

Anonymous said...

I swear you are reading my mind. I have been thinking of a blog post about how Brandon said (screamed) no to me the other day, and I slapped his face. He was CRUSHED. He was so offended and upset, and crying, and saying "no, no, no, no, no" to me about it, that I ended up appologizing to him. There, now I don't need to blog about it.

the barnes family said...

I think maybe, just maybe, I have been blessed with a sassy of my own. She's only 8 months old, but I swear she's already got a little attitude. When she's standing in her crib at bedtime and refusing to go to sleep, but she's got the most amazing smile, I can't help but smile back!

Kendra said...

Indeed. =)