August 8, 2009

She likes to eat- eat- eat apples and bananas...

Over the past few weeks, Little A has become quite the foodie. Unlike her big sister, she has been quite adventurous when it comes to her food choices.

Well, I don't know how much actual control she has over what she eats, but she hasn't shown us one little sign of being picky...


Little A is my chunky monkey, and you would understand why if you saw the way she inhales her food.

Just the other day, at Tanganyika, she inhaled an entire banana and a Yo-Baby yogurt. Apparently, she was just getting started, because she proceeded to wolf down a whole piece of bread after that. Um, yeah... she must have missed the memo that she's not even one yet!

She is still at that point where she looks at everything we give her quizzically:

She likes to show off her ground turkey:

She's my hungry girl, and I ♥ her!

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miranda said...

very cute.