August 24, 2009

Not My Child! Monday

Ooh, MckMama is offering up a little twist on Not Me! Monday, so I thought I'd give it a go...

On Little A's birthday, Sassy most definitely did not argue with us because she wanted to go to "Old McDonald's" for lunch rather than HuHot. I didn't tell her it was closed, and she didn't whip back with wit when we pulled up to HuHot and say, "I think this is closed, too mom. We better check." Not my child!

Sassy did not throw a grand scale fit yesterday morning for grandma and grandpa to witness. She was not sent to time out at least three times. We certainly did not threaten to stay home instead of doing something fun one (or two or three) too many times! What child would require that kind of (inconsistent) discipline? Not my child!

Although she received approximately 1872 presents for her first birthday, Little A wouldn't dream of continuing to occupy her time searching for the one crumb, dust speck, or piece of lint on our always immaculate wood floors. Not my child!

We have not been entertaining bedtime battles this week. Nor have we allowed Sassy to sleep in our bedroom from the start... ever. She has not become the master manipulator of this sweet pea household. Even when Daddy told her no, she did not go down fighting by crying out, "But mommy loves me!" as she was hauled to her bedroom. She would never be that dramatic. Not my child!

Let's see what this week brings!

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we have our own version of Sassy who is now six and still sleeps in our room!