August 9, 2009

Weekend Warriors...

That's what we are!

Friday morning, we hosted a play date for our mom's group. We spent most of the morning outside, playing in the kiddie pools and the sprinkler. The kids also decorated our swing set Sassy's castle with chalk.

11 moms + 14 preschoolers + 7 babies + 3 1/2 hours + 32 hot dogs + 3 pints of juice + 16 Go-gurts + a slew of other delectable snacks + 1 sopping yard + 1 messy kitchen + 1 destroyed toddler bedroom = 1 exhausted hostess!

I so appreciate everyone joining us at the house once in a while. I know we are a trek away from many of them, so it always means a lot to us to host. I complain in jest. Really, I enjoy it!

Of course, I set out to take lots of cute pictures, and I was just too busy. Maybe next time...

Friday night, I had the evening to myself. I went with Lynzee for sushi, spent some time at a meal swap, and then stopped in to visit with some other friends. I ♥ my friends here!

Saturday, Tyler spent the day in Lawrence finishing up a siding job. The girls and I basically vegged out at home. Sassy kept us all reeling with her loquacious ways. Little A decided it was time to master pulling up. She can pull up on anything, and she will pull up on everything, as far as I'm concerned.

Look at her go:

Oh, and here's a cute one of Little A reading her book:

It is just slightly reminiscent of a picture I have of Sassy at about this age... just happens to be one of my favorite pictures EVER:

And, look at my Sassy now... all grown up!

Today, we started off busy...

Everyone was up early, and we headed to the YMCA to rejoin. We were members prior to my pregnancy with Little A, and I really miss it. And, I really need to start working out again. I am so excited to start, and in even more exciting news...

...Sassy is officially signed up for her first dance class! I couldn't be more thrilled. My friend Alyssa just wrote about this very topic... since the moment I found out I was having a little girl, the visions of taking her to dance class and seeing her recitals flooded my thoughts. I have been waiting to get her started, and I hope she enjoys it as much as I think she will. No worries... you'll surely hear more about that later!

This afternoon, I participated in the live draft for my first fantasy football league! I tried one on a whim a couple of seasons ago, and they are so much fun! This is my paid league, so we shall see how I fare... Go Loch Ness Monsters!

Last, but not least... this evening was Cessna Employee's night at Rock River Rapids. Even though the event was really late for us (7:45-9:30), we decided to brave it for the girls. I really wanted to take my camera, but I thought better of it. I did get some cute ones of the girls before we left, though...

Sassy was so excited to learn of our evening plans:

She was playing peek-a-boo under our flower bushes. It was all fun and games until the branch scratched her little face pretty good. Oops:

Oh, they are just too cute for words, if I do say so myself!

Little A- such a chunk-a-monk-a:

The water was cold, and Little A was a little bummed to be out past her bedtime, but we had a great time! Sassy is such a little water bug! Afterwards, it was off to bed for the girls, and I hope to be chasing their coattails in a moment!

3 sweet tweets:

theProvidentWoman said...

How did you host that many little ones. I think my head would explode

Alyssa said...

Sassy will love dance class. She will look adorable in her little outfit and will appreciate the work you go to to get her ready each week! I was really pleased with the Y classes, you guys will like them and I can't wait to hear about their recital! I can already visualize them all dolled up in their little costumes dancing across the stage!! :)

Kendra said...

They ARE too cute for words!! I agree =)

Can't wait to see Sassy dance pics =) That's gonna be some good energy on that dance floor!