August 16, 2009

Sitting, Wading, Wishing...

We've kept busy this weekend riding the tides of summer. Our small town's annual festival was held, and we enjoyed some of the festivities.

It's so funny to think back- last year Tyler took Sassy to the parade while I stayed home was laid out like a beached whale on bed rest counting down the miserable days until delivery. Little did I know then that I was days away rather than weeks...

Friday, we hit the vendor stands, had some greasy fair food, and let Sassy ride a couple of rides before heading home.

Saturday morning, we were invited to watch the parade from a friends house (who happens to live along the parade route) and join in a potluck lunch afterwards.

First, we set up shop:

Sassy and LMB danced:

The hung out under an umbrella (it sprinkled on and off):

Sassy parasol-ed around a bit more:

Sassy grew more and more impatient waiting. Did I mention said friends lived along the end of the parade route?

Finally, the parade arrived. It started off with The Patriot Guard, which we are the home of. Pretty neat. Sad that an organization such as this needs to even exist, but that's a whole other post:

Once the parade ended, we had a great lunch and met some new "neighbors". We brought along our famous taco salad, and I have a funny story to go along with that...

Lynzee came back from the food line and told me that some guy said to tell me that my taco salad was awesome! As she's telling me, the guy walks by and approaches us. He rants and raves about how good it is, and then tells Tyler, "You're a lucky, lucky man." We chuckle, and Tyler says under his breath, "If only he knew that I made it..." The guy says, "Hey, I heard that. Thanks for ruining it for me."


Well, it's my recipe, anyway. So what if my sous chef did the prep work...

Anyway... Little A enjoyed feeling the grass between her toes and mastering the sippy cup. Why is it that the little ones insist on holding the cup upside down?!? Well, mine do, anyway.

Little A and Daddy enjoyed some people watching:

After lunch, following mass amounts of trepidation, Sassy took the plunge and tried out the giant slip'n'slide. Go Sassy!

I can't believe it's almost the end of summer! We are making it a point to enjoy it while it lasts!

2 sweet tweets:

Kendra said...

so...did I miss where you shared this taco salad recipe?!?

Shaila said...

We learned our lesson about sitting at the end of a parade route a while back. From now on we're choosing a spot a bit closer to the beginning. :)