August 20, 2009

First Birthday Adventures, Part II

Baby girl woke up on Tuesday, and she just knew it was her special day! She had smiles for miles, I tell you...

We woke up early, and our birthday plans were soon dashed by the gloomy, rainy weather outside. A zoo trip and picnic lunch were not in the cards. With a little planning on the fly, were were able to come up with a new adventure!

We headed up to Wichita and had Little A's picture taken, which we did with Sassy on her first birthday, as well. We picked up a few groceries for her birthday dinner at Target, also.

Since there was a small break in the weather, we decided to head to our favorite park so that mommy could take some pictures of her own. It was too wet to play at the park, so Sassy sat in the car and watched Sleeping Beauty for the 18 gazillionth time while we had our little photo shoot. Little A was not the most cooperative when it came to looking at me, but this is what I mustered up:

After the photo shoot, it was off to the mall. We had a pretzel snack, and Sassy was elated:

The girls climbed like monkeys on the cars and boats and caterpillars at the play place. Little A thought it was the greatest:

Next, we trekked down to Build-A-Bear. Our intention was this- Little A was to pick out a guy for her birthday and Sassy was to choose a new outfit for her kitty, which she brought along. Monetary damage- so-so.

Instead, Build-A-Bear sucked us in to this whirlwind sale... choose any animal, any hanging outfit, and any pair of shoes for $29.99. Yes, because our stuffed animals just wouldn't be complete without shoes. So, 2 animals, 2 outfits, and 2 pair of shoes later... well, you can do the math. I just keep telling myself the sum of this equation was 2 happy, happy kiddos!

Little A choosing her animal:

Sassy making her choice. See her kitty? I maintain that my intentions were pure!

The stuffed animal-stuffing assembly line:

Little A wasn't strong enough to push the stuffing pedal with her foot, so we improvised:

Little A had to give her heart a kiss, too:

The bathing station:

Sassy decided that her unicorn should have a Sleeping Beauty costume. Have I mentioned the fact that Sassy is currently obsessed with Sleeping Beauty? Her unicorn's name... Aurora. Yeah.

At the birth certificate station, Little A spent her time cuddling with Ella the owl and fighting sleep:

Sleep won:

But that's all right, because she is the birthday bear:

We left the mall and headed to HuHot for lunch. After our delicious stir-fry, we used Little A's postcard for free S'mores for her birthday! Sassy was mesmerized:

Little A was cool with just a graham cracker:

We ventured home after our long, busy morning so the girls could rest. More birthday fun to come...

2 sweet tweets:

miranda said...

I was just looking at the build a bear website and had my sights on the owl. too funny, i love that little miss sassy pants went from cinderwella fascination to a sleeping beauty fascination....shes juust an all around princess isnt she. it looks like little miss A is having a fabulous b day/week. its ok we celebrate like mardi gras too.

Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! You sold me on Build A Bear. Can't wait!

As I read all of this is has occurred to me that Little A's birthday party has NOT EVEN HAPPENED YET...