August 1, 2009

The Pizza Factory...

Tonight, we have the pleasure of watching after LMB and LuLu so Tom and Lynzee can enjoy a fabulous date night- much owed; much deserved...

...I am only a little bit jealous that they had dinner at Luciano's and are currently enjoying Hogwarts and horcruxes on the big screen...

Sassy couldn't be more thrilled to have her friends over! First, the older girls played dress up... then, they started "pillow-fighting" with the giant alligator and hippo Sassy and Little A picked out from Ikea. I got them to be models for a moment:

Meanwhile, Little A and LuLu were checking out the activity table:

Before long, it was time to make dinner! I bought the girls stuff to make bagel pizzas, and they were a huge hit!

Our pizza bar:

Waiting patiently... who would've thought?


Little A sat, observed, and tried some apples. She wasn't sure what to think:

What are you feeding me, Mom?

The verdict- GOOD!

After dinner, the girls got ready to head to the park. My girls were SO excited:

Ty headed out with the caravan, and I headed to blog about our evening. I'd say I won!

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Kendra said...

A caravan indeed!!! Now that's a trooper! One man and 4 little ladies =)