August 2, 2010

...And a Purely Peaceful Send-Out to Perfectly Pleasant Day (ECA Day 6, cont)

Thursday evening, we decided to meet Dawn and Keith at Rock Harbor to watch sunset. I was so excited at the prospect of some awesome picture-taking opportunities, and Rock Harbor did not disappoint!

In the water, there are trees that make magnificent light reflectors to an already sensational sunset. Every direction I turned my camera to had a different glean, hue, and explosion of color. Depending in the way my camera caught the remaining light, it seems as though we skipped from day to night to day to night- it was magical!

Sunset @ Rock Harbor was probably my favorite experience in Cape Cod, besides the wedding and friends, of course. I'll let the pictures speak (mostly) for themselves... bear with me... there are several:

Sassy started off with her sandals on but quickly realized that the water would "get her", so she ditched the kicks.

The newlyweds:

Sassy being her silly, sassy self!

We finally got a group picture of us cabin-dwelling ladies!

It became more and more beautiful as darkness set in.


It was neat to turn behind us and see the moon appearing as the sun set. There was an awesome angel statue atop a building that just made for a gorgeous sight:

Sassy stood on the rocks of the harbor, and this was the gorgeous pastel skyline facing North/Northwest:

In short, if you visit Cape Cod, make time to see a sunset at Rock Harbor!

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