August 4, 2010

The Final Leg (ECA Day 7-8)...

We woke up Friday morning and could hardly believe it was our last full day in Cape Cod. The week went by so fast!

The first thing on our agenda for the morning was visiting the Scargo Tower in Dennis. This place is what legends are made of, and Sassy was just head-over-heels visiting a real princess castle.

The tower itself was really neat- the stones were mossy and beautiful. Sassy thought it was just fabulous!

Even something 30 feet tall looks giant compared to little Missy! She was eager for the climb!

Once we reached the top, the scenery was beautiful! The 30 foot tower stands on a 160 foot hill, making it the highest point on The Cape. It was neat to be able to see Scargo Lake in its complete fish-shape from up there.

The walk down was a little wonky for me. I'm not a big fan of heights, and I was ready to get out of there!

We decided to make the drive up to P-Town, as we'd heard to locals refer to it as. Provincetown forms the tip of Cape Cod, and is largely comprised of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It's also a place rich with culture- many artsy shops, boutiques, and galleries. A seemingly liberal place with wide-acceptance of the LGBT crowd. Just a really awesome place!

We headed to Commercial Street first to finish up our souvenir shopping. We were told to hit Cuffy's for Cape Cod apparel that didn't break the bank, and I'm so glad we did! We were in and out of various shops, and Sassy about went to heaven in a place called The Shell Shop, which was just full of ocean treasures. I tried not to feel overly guilty about the ocean carnage that Sassy was ogling...

I super-duper wanted to climb the Pilgrim Monument, but no one else was on board. It was so pretty from afar, though! Sassy had her first taste of rock candy- a rite of passage for any 4-year-old, if you ask me. We got lunch at Big Daddy's Burritos and headed out to the marina to eat. It was overcast and cloudy, but beautiful.

Of course, Sassy is always available to help brighten things up!

After lunch, we decided to head out to Race Point Beach and get a taste of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It was windy and rain felt imminent, but we went anyway. I had packed Sassy's swimsuit, knowing this would be our last glimpse of the ocean, and not wanting to deny her any opportunities.

The shoreline was below a steep drop-off, and the sights were beautiful. Sassy and I went for a toe-dip one last time. The water was ICE cold... I could hardly believe people were swimming in there!

Sassy found some pretty rocks and a few shells and things.

It began to drizzle, so I said good-bye to my beautiful ocean...

And, we left our footprints in the sand...

We had a quiet ride home to our cottage. We reflected on our awesome trip, the memories we had made, and thought ahead to the daunting task of packing and tidying the cottage.

Sassy and I had a LONG, delayed day of travel from Boston to Memphis to Wichita on Saturday. It involved some more rushing, running, and scurrying about the airport, all of which I do not care to relive. But, we made it home. And, Sassy kept my spirits high.

Farewell, Cape Cod. Until we meet again...

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Rachel said...

Looks like a wonderful trip was had by all! Your photos are amazing! ...and thanks for the GC in the mail today! You made my day!